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S1E9: Married with kids - The 3 R’s on the mission of raising the next generation

Receiving, Raising, and Releasing your children

There are two roles in the world that are unique to you. Your role as a husband or wife and your role as a father or mother. In any other role you play, you’ll probably be replaced within months, weeks, or even days after you leave.

Needless to say, your success in these roles is probably the most significant assignment of your life. One of the purposes of marriage is to “be fruitful and multiply”. Kids often result as the fruit of marriage, and kids impact your marriage in a BIG way.

In this episode we discuss our 3-part assignment as parents as it relates to receiving our kids as a gift, raising them with wisdom and love, and releasing them out into the world as capable adults. Listen to Wynand, Nikki, and Steve discuss these ideas in this 2-part episode with a special clip featuring Andy Bray (former director of FamilyLife NZ and late husband of Nikki Bray).

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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