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Help build Hope

We need your help to turn around the effects of family breakdown in this nation and build a healthy society, one family at a time, home by home, brick by brick.

The Breakdown of Family

Family breakdown is taking its toll on our nation. The wounds of broken relationships leave scars on everyone involved and its impact reaches deep into our communities.

5,853 children under 17 years of age had parents who were granted a divorce last year.
Just over one-third of marriages end in divorce by a couple’s 25th wedding anniversary.
0 %
Proportion of families with dependent children headed by a sole parent.​
0 %

*Statistics sourced from the Stats New Zealand website 2022 data)

When the home is no longer a safe haven because we haven’t learnt the basic skills and principles that can make our relationships thrive, the family is under pressure. This generation needs your help.

There is a proven way of hope

By delivering timeless biblical principles for marriage and family life, we’re helping families create an environment within which relationships can flourish. By REACHING families through various platforms and events, we invite them to GROW together and equip some to become GUIDES who impact their corner of the world.

Radio Broadcasts

FamilyLife NZ shares regular uplifting conversations on radio Rhema to help couples grow together and learn about more FamilyLife resources 


FamilyLife NZ has a wide selection of book resources to equip marriages and family on their growth journey available at our online store


With a range of video resources available online and through other digital platforms, FamilyLife NZ reaches people with helpful content in a way that is easy to digest


Regular emails and newsletters delivered to families reaching them with helpful content and an invitation to attend and event or small-group


With content available on the go through mobile devices, the FamilyLife NZ podcast reaches people with practical and hope filled conversations


People gather at events where they learn great skills to equip their relationships and get connected with other couples on the journey


Some couples will continue to join a smaller group of couples taking a more in-depth journey together. This builds community and an ongoing supportive learning environment.


We exist to help couples GROW together and also impact their corner of the world by becoming a GUIDE who comes alongside other couples on the growth journey. At it's core it's a discipleship journey growing healthy marriages and godly homes

Network of Guides

Our vision is to have a network of guides equipped to impact their corner of the world. These couples invite others into their homes to study small-group marriage resources together, mentor other marriages, or host events in their local community using the tried and tested FamilyLife materials.

"Given me renewed hope in what our marriage can be. I want to come back."
Weekend to Remember Attendee

Over 25,000 people have already attended a FamilyLife event and even more have been impacted by our printed and digital resources, but we’re not reaching families fast enough.

But we Need Your Help

We’ve made some great progress, but we’re just not reaching families fast enough. We need BUILDING PARTNERS who will contribute to the mission here at FamilyLife as we continue to build the movement of helping families pursue what matters most. We’re building a stronger nation by strengthening families, but we cannot do it alone. You can make a difference through a regular donation.

Become A building partner

For a donation of only $20 a month you can become a BUILDING PARTNER and help us bring hope to families across New Zealand. Each monthly donation of $20 represents a brick, and you can donate as many bricks as you are able to.

Families matter! Become a BUILDING PARTNER today and help us create healthier families and a stronger nation. Your tax-deductible donation will make a significant difference in helping us reach each home here in New Zealand to build a better future for this generation and the next; together – one marriage at a time, one family at a time, one home at a time… Brick by brick.

FL Brick

A story of hope

"Knowing how close I came to throwing our marriage away scares me. In the darkest times I could never imagine that it could become good again."

What are the goals?

With our focus on growing our staff team and optimising our use of technology and in person connection to strengthen relationships, we hope to engage a movement of people who help with the effective equipping of godly families who change the world – one home at a time.

How are you able to contribute?

Every brick makes a difference as we aim to raise 1,000 brick building partners to help fund the work. Whether it’s one brick, two to three, or five, we value your support and it makes a difference. Will you be one of the 1,000 building partners? How many brick can you contribute?

1 Brick

$20 per month or $240 per year

2 Bricks

$40 per month or $480 per year

3 Bricks

$60 per month or $720 per year

4 Bricks

$80 per month or $960 per year

5 Bricks

$100 per month or $1200 per year

What are the needs?

Here are some of the projects that need funding in 2024. Perhaps you want to contribute to our general growth fund, or perhaps you’d like to get involved in meeting one or more of these specific needs:

  • $55,000 to contextualise and print and promote small group studies.
  • $40,000 to support our digital strategies (podcast, videos, automation, app development)
  • $235,000 growth in annual donations to create 4 new positions in the team
  • $35,000 to capture and produce hope stories for television
  • $38,000 to subsidise weekend getaway costs and keep prices affordable for attendees
  • $25,000 to rebrand and relaunch the message of every home a godly home
  • $20,000 to support our growing team with office space and equipment
  • $10,000 in travel costs to spread the message far and wide throughout New Zealand
  • $18,500 to grow our resource centre materials, availability, and reach
  • $25,000 to provide financial aid for couples needing counselling support
  • $5,000 to produce new Marriage Mentoring manuals

Your gift makes it possible for us to continue the work we do. Thank you for your consideration and please share this opportunity with someone you know

Thanks for becoming a Building Partner

We cannot do this important work without you. Every brick contribution helps us sustainably build the team and infrastructure to achieve significant results for families across our nation. 

Invite others to be a part of the mission

Please consider sharing this page with anyone you know who would be interested in supporting our mission to help strengthen families all across Aotearoa.