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We welcome you to FamilyLife Counselling Support. We are a charitable trust that has been serving couples in NZ since 1990, through events, workshops, resources and support services. In everything we do, our heart is to build and strengthen marriages and families across our beautiful nation.

We believe “When people develop effective relationship skills, their relationships flourish”. That’s what we’re all about – flourishing relationships!

With that in mind, the Counselling Services at FamilyLife are committed to providing our support to people in need. Our aim is to help couples access Couples Therapy by providing subsidised counselling to those that cannot afford the full cost of counselling and through linking couples in need with counsellors from our recommended counsellor network.

What is the Client Assistance Fund?

The Client Assistance Fund is a way FamilyLife provides affordable counselling to those who may have difficulty affording the services. While every client is required to pay a fee for their counselling service, the Client Assistance Fund is a subsidy that reduces the portion you are required to pay.

How are the fees established?

Fees are established by considering net income, household size and other financial resources. To continue providing funds to those in need, the fee may be adjusted when there is a change in your financial status, and the rate will be reviewed after every 10 sessions.

What should I consider in applying for the Client Assistance Fund?

  • Do I have a savings account, investments, or other assets I could use to pay for therapy?
  • Do I have a family member who could provide financial support for my therapy?
  • Do I have an employer or congregation that would be willing to contribute to my therapy?

Who provides funds for the Client Assistance Fund?

The Client Assistance Fund is made available by our loyal generous donors and community grants.

What are the steps to applying for the CAF, being approved and payment method?

  1. Client applies for a subsidy by completing the “Client Assistance Fund” application form.
  2. Once the application is submitted, the FamilyLife(FL) Representative will process the application and notify the applicant of the acceptance of the application and the amount covered.
  3. Client informs Counsellor on the subsidy amount covered by FL and requests for the invoice to be sent to FamilyLife and Client. The invoice will indicate the subsidy amount covered by FL and the amount covered by the Client, summing up to the Therapist’s total fee.

What if I require a Counsellor and some funding assistance?

We are pleased to be connected to Counsellors/Therapists through our Counsellor Referral Network, and we continue to grow this network so that we may be a bridge between couples who seek relationship counselling and Professionally Accredited highly skilled Counsellors. If you require assistance in finding a Therapist, please fill out the Find Help Form and our FamilyLife Staff will get in touch with you shortly.

Once you’ve filled out the application, please email the form to and a FL representative will get in touch with you shortly.

Terms and Conditions

By applying for the Client Assistance Fund, I acknowledge that:

  • I will immediately notify FamilyLife if there is a change in my financial status.
  • My application will be reviewed after every 10 sessions. My fee may be adjusted if my financial circumstances change.
  • I will be charged the full established fee for appointments missed or cancelled without a 48-hour cancellation notice. Three incidents of this may result in a termination of provision from the Client Assistance Fund.

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