Marriage Mentoring

Marriage Mentoring is designed to tackle those things that trip up marriages, especially in the early years. Couples often think their issues are unique, and can feel alone in their struggles. Through a series of focused conversations, Marriage Mentoring normalises those struggles and brings couples into community. The result is revitalised relationships, both for the couples mentoring and those being mentored.

“We found renewed hope for our marriage knowing
we weren’t alone in our challenges.”

How does marriage mentoring work?

A marriage mentoring couple pairs up with a couple who wants to be mentored and commit to spending a year meeting regularly to have conversations that facilitate growth.

Mentor Couple Match

A FamilyLife Trained Marriage Mentor couple matches with a younger couple who want to be mentored.

Meet Regularly

Couples commit to meeting once a month for a year for approximately 2 hours, and choose from 14 conversation topics that each support a healthy marriage.

Grow Together

When you spend time learning from a couple who has more experience than you in marriage, it fast tracks your growth, and as a couple mentoring you'll feel a fresh sense of commitment to your own marriage also.

What are the Benefits?

For Churches

Mentor Couples are a rich resource who expand the church’s marriage intervention. The long term benefits of investing in younger couples, strengthens their marriages and ultimately alleviates the pressure on pastors to do all marriage enrichment in the congregation.

For The Community

Stronger couples become stronger parents and families, which eventually strengthens the overall church community.

Personal Growth

As you, the Mentor couple, share your marriage story, it further strengthens your own marriage.

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