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7 Second Kiss


The smallest things make the biggest difference

Why not integrate a 7-second kiss into our everyday married lives. Yep, seven whole seconds. 7 seconds before you leave in the morning. And again a seven-second kiss when you greet each other at night.

By the way, there’s a scientific reason why it has to be seven seconds long. Apparently, that’s when Oxytocin, otherwise known as the love hormone, is released.

So, take up the challenge: Have you had your 7-second kiss today?

Your Date night - Romantic Inventory


Agree on a time you can both meet when you won’t get distracted by children, or work, or anything else. You might choose to lie on your bed, go for a walk, or a drive, or sit at a cafe.

Take it in turns to speak, and to listen. Listen with open hearts. Try not to interrupt, or judge, or criticise. Listen with the other person in mind, seeking not necessarily to agree, but to understand where they’re coming from. Remember, you have permission to have fun too!

Take it in turns to complete the following statements

Your Date Night


Take it in turns to discuss whether or not the following activities help ignite the flame of romance in you.


  • Chocolate
  • Dancing
  • Flowers
  • Neck rub
  • Backrub
  • Bubble bath
  • Nice Lingerie
  • Seeing you in lingerie
  • Love notes
  • Eating-out
  • Sports time with you
  • Walks
  • Movies
  • Picnics
  • Touch
  • Gifts
  • Praise
  • Appreciation
  • Time
  • Showering together
  • Other


Use the following statements to rate various aspects of your sexual relationship. 

Rate from 1 to 5 (5 = high, 1 = low).

Dialogue around each other’s answers in a positive way. Listen and learn. Do not judge.


Your turn to make a great marriage happen!

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