Marriage Drift

is this one of the most common challenges marriages face?

In marriage, you’re either actively moving towards oneness or you’re drifting towards isolation. Drift is common to all marriages, but we know that great marriages don’t just happen. They take time, intention and a consistent effort to move towards oneness.

In this 3 part discussion we talk about how you can halt the drift in your relationship and start moving towards oneness again.

Why do couples drift (Part 1)

Let’s unpack why this happens and what we could do to avoid drift in the first place.

Remembering how and why the journey started (Part 2)

When we’ve recognised that we’ve drifted or are drifting apart, how can we halt the drift and start moving towards one another again? Going back to where it all started can be a good opportunity to refresh those emotions that first drew you to one another.

Learning To Dream Again (Part 3)

Is there hope for those who may have experienced marriage drift? How can you get a new relationship?

The importance of prioritising the relationship (focus): swimming between the flags and dreaming together. Maybe plan a vacation, a weekend getaway for just the 2 of you, or simply have a regular date night.

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