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DATE NIGHT - Small Habits & Big Differences

Day-to-day ACTIONS

Research shows that a handful of simple day-to-day actions increases the likelihood that your spouse will feel that you care deeply about them, and can have a huge impact on a couple’s level of happiness.

This week, try and do the following:

3 Daily things to do for EACH OTHER:

3 Things for HER to do for HIM:

3 Things for HIM to do for HER: are very likely to make your spouse feel deeply cared for if you make a habit of doing these small things.



Agree on a time you can both meet when you won’t get distracted by children, or work, or anything else. You might choose to lie on your bed, go for a walk, or a drive, or visit a cafe.

Take it in turns to speak, and to listen. Listen with open hearts. Try not to interrupt, or judge, or criticise. Listen with the other person in mind, seeking not necessarily to agree, but to understand where they’re coming from. Remember, you have permission to have fun too!

Questions to ask each other:

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