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Show the love this Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day today. This morning I thought I could offer you 5 ideas to show love to your partner. I have to say that these are not all my ideas – many of them I have borrowed from people who have been to our FamilyLife couples retreats, but I have tried some of them and they’re fun.

7 Days of Valentine’s Day

The first one is 7 Days of Valentine’s Day. Kathy said she and her husband, Bill, do something for each other every day for 7 days, starting February 7.

“It could be running a bath and serving champagne in the bubble bath, to warming his towel in the dryer and having it ready when he gets out of the shower, to buying a single rose, to making his favorite cookies and serving them to him hot,” she said. “It is lots of fun and costs very little. Valentine’s Day becomes very special with one week of doing something nice for each other.”

And of course, you don’t have to start on February 7th, you can start today and then go for 7 days!

Chalk Love Notes

The second idea is another low-cost idea…Kerry bought some coloured chalk and wrote love notes to her husband on the garage floor and driveway. “Just remember to clean it up later or you’ll track it all over the house!” and also consider that the neighbours might read it so be careful that it’s G rated.

A Day of Pampering

This one I really like… Todd woke up his wife, Sarah, and gave her eight cards. The first card told her to get ready for the day, what she needed to wear when she needed to leave the house, and when she could open the next card. She opened the next card once she left the house and there was a gift card to her favourite cafe. Each new card led her to a new pampering experience—a manicure, a walk on the beach, a pedicure, lunch with her mum, a haircut, shopping for a new outfit, and, to end the day, dinner with Todd. And yes, he arranged for all payments ahead of time. What a man!!!

Keep the love alive!

Need a great FREE tool to help creatively equip you and your spouse with some great practical ideas that will encourage you to build a strong, healthy, and connected marriage relationship?

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes is another great idea and something we’ve done. I remember when Andy went away for a week…. he left sticky notes all throughout the house, some in obvious places and others which were hidden so well that I was finding them 6 months later! I found them in my coffee cup, in the fridge, in my makeup drawer, in the medicine box, my sock drawer, the airing cupboard, the peg basket……you name it…. there was a note. He expressed his love for me, what he appreciated most about me, how he was praying for me and his excitement at the future ahead.

The “Surprise, You’re Kidnapped” Appointment

And this last idea I’ve done for Andy… I rang the office a week before Valentine’s Day and asked a co-worker to write an appointment in Andy’s diary. On that day I turned up at work and surprised Andy by blindfolding him and kidnapping him from work. I took him to a golf driving range where we spent the afternoon playing golf. I enjoyed myself, but I’m not sure how much Andy did as I beat him quite convincingly haha. He tells people that he would have beaten me if the blindfold had been removed! Sure sure 🙂

Final Thoughts

So maybe spend some time today and see if you can come up with something creative for today, or even over the weekend. Here’s a resource to get you started: Simply Romantic Nights.

It’ll be a lot of fun and may just inject some excitement and joy into your relationship.

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