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Before the Last Resort

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Do you want to stop the pain in your marriage?

This book will lead you out of the maze of bitterness, disillusionment, and hurt. Your marriage can be healed by answering three simple questions. Hundreds of marriages have been rescued when couples got the answers right.

If you’re about to give up on your marriage or know someone about to give up on theirs, this book is for you.

To marriages on life support, pastor, counselor, and professor, Dr. George Kenworthy, poses three simple questions and restores the hope of “I do.” He confidently illuminates God’s power to heal concerns ranging from “I’m just not happy” to hardcore issues, even if you’re ensnared in deceit, adultery, or abuse. Included is a “Help-Me-Help-My-Friend” guide that assists anyone desiring to help a friend get their marriage back on track.


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Build into the relationships that matter most!


your marriage

HELP FOR TODAY. HOPE FOR TOMORROW. Equipping marriages & family relationships by providing tools & resources that will encourage, connect, and strengthen families across our beautiful Aotearoa New Zealand until ‘every home a Godly home’.