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Barbara & Susan’s Guide to the Empty Nest

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You’re done… but you’re not finished! And one more thing. You’re not alone.

Feeling unsure? Scared? Expectant? Maybe even giddy? Is your nest empty except for a bundle of mixed emotions? As you grieve what’s behind and daydream about possibilities, you’ll feel young again, ready for new challenges and adventures. Yet you may not know what to pursue or how to discover what’s next.

You may want a girlfriend who “gets it” and isn’t afraid to be honest. Someone who understands the challenges you’re facing and speaks with wisdom, she’s a few steps ahead of you on the journey, but close enough to shine some light in your direction.

Many women in this season of life wonder:

  • Who am I now?
  • And what should I do?
  • How will my marriage be affected?
  • Does anyone need me?
  • How do I relate to my children?
  • Is it okay to feel sad? Or thrilled?
  • What’s next?

Barbara and Susan can be the friends you need to walk through these new experiences. They’ll guide you to answers, and together you’ll discover a new purpose and passion for your next life adventure.


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