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The Mission of Marriage

What does it mean to have an impact on your corner of the world? At FamilyLife, we desire to equip families, like yours, to grow together and impact their corner […]

The Hope for Marriage

Stuck in the mud A few years ago, I travelled with a few friends to go camping on a property their family had just bought in Mozambique. This untouched piece […]

The Fall of Marriage

They say “Love is blind” … and marriage is the cure. Or, marriage is like receiving a phone call in the middle of the night; first the ring, and then […]

The Dream of Marriage

In my final year of high school, I got into the hobby of photography. A friend and I took a week-long trip to go camping and hiking in the mountains […]

Your Marriage and the Gospel

“Knowing how close I came to throwing away my marriage scares me…” Recently we received this note from a couple who attended a FamilyLife Weekend to Remember about 20 years […]

Improving Your Lovemaking

Having been involved with FamilyLife and working with couples for over 28 years I’ve noticed that people assume I’m a ‘sexpert’. I’m not, but I have learnt a lot about […]

It’s Not About The Money

Have you ever fought about money in your relationship? I bet you have. I bet that some of your fiercest arguments have involved finances. Money is, and probably always has […]

Have I married the wrong person?

Have you ever wondered that you might have married the wrong person? Often when we fall in love, we do so because that person is different from us. We enjoy and […]

Tricky conversations

Nobody likes them, right, and yet we all need to have them if our relationships are going to deepen and grow. I remember having a limiting belief in my marriage […]